Standard Neoprene Stubby Holders

Here we have the Standard Neoprene Customised Stubby Holders these are available in the 5mm thick and 6mm thick versions.  The 6mm thick standard neoprene is great for cans and smaller bottles like a Corona’s, they are just wide enough for the 375ml size can but still hold a slim bottle tight. We were a little pushed on this order of promotional stubby holders and had to get them out to our customer in very little time for a conference.  We made it with a few days to spare (we can do this for large orders).

personalised stubby coolers

You can see above this is the format in which we prepare your design making sure you are 100% happy with them.   We also have a graphic designer on our team who will work her magic and get design for your customised stubby holders just the way you would like it.

Below is a couple of the finished product in which our customer was very happy with.


If you would like some Customised Stubby Holders for your company please fill out a Quick Quote and one of our team will get back to you.

Download our full product guide here

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