Flat Pack Stubby Holders

The Flat Pack Stubby Holders are becoming very popular.  With these you can choose between two thicknesses the 3mm thick and also the 5mm thick.  The stubby holder below is for a company called Rec Relief one of our very happy customers.  They had the 3mm thick version with 2 colour screen printing.

Flat Pack 3mm Stubby Holders with Screen Printing

Flat Pack 3mm Stubby Holders with Screen Printing

With the screen printing you get one free colour (besides the material colour) and then it will be a small fee for each colour after that.   If you are after more than 2 colours on small orders (under 300 units) you are better off to go for the full colour option.

The 3mm Flat pack stubby holders are perfect for traveling or when you have limited space as they squash down quite small.  You can shove one in your pocket and it takes up hardly any space at all.

As you can see below they were really happy with their Customised Stubby Holders.

kiera flat packs

I hope she is not laying down because she has had a drink out of each stubby holder!  Yikes!!

One of our customers Roy wanted to get some Custom Stubby Holders done for his wife’s 40th birthday party as it was a surprise for her.  As he wanted some photos on his stubby holders he had to go for the full colour option where you can have as may colours as you like.

He then gave our designer all the images and also a design brief for the Custom Stubby Holders saying how he wanted everything laid out.  She went to work doing her thing and below is the finished product!  These ones are the 5mm thick option with full colour printing.

5mm thick Flat Pack with full colour printing

5mm thick Flat Pack with full colour printing

If you are interested in getting a quote for some Flat Pack Stubby holders all you have to do is CLICK HERE and fill out the little form on the righthand side.

One of our friendly team will be more then happy to help you out.

Look forward to seeing some comments below  :)


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