Design information!

 In this post we will be talking all about the designing process and what is involved.  If you have any questions please ask them in the comments below.

We can do unlimited colour printing in your design

Thermal is full colour printing and it has a smoother finish then screen printing, the printing feels like it is part of the material this style is the best for if you have many colours or a photo print.  You can have unlimited colours on your custom stubby holders with this style of printing.

What we need from you

We are lucky enough at Stubby Holder Wholesaler to have Graphic Design Extraordinaire on our team who does a really good job in a timely fashion. But sometimes she has a little trouble as she is supplied with little information or low quality images/pictures.

When you supply your design brief to us either via email or on the Quick Quotes through-out the webpage we need you to be as in depth about what you want on your custom stubby holders as possible.

Things to include are:

-The background colour (material colour)
-What wording you would like and where you would like it positioned
-The colour you would like the wording
-Attach files or images you would like our designer to use in your design
-Any other information you would like to add for our designer to consider

With the files/images/photos you attach they may look ok on a computer screen but when they are printed our they very well may not.  To avoid this please make sure they are as large as possible.

Photos should be supplied as high resolution JPEGS. If supplying another kind of image, the best type is vector (in .ai, .pdf or .eps) images as they can be enlarged to any size with out losing resolution. We can also use the following High-res files: .PDF, .Jpeg, .Png, .PSD

Photos in a word document might be helpful as a template to show us positioning but will be no good to use for printing so please supply the original image files.

Photoshop guru’s that want to do it themselves

 Ok so we have had some people do their own designs successfully and we have had to get our designer to fix some up before they could be printed. If you would like to do your own design you are more then welcome to but please consider the following.

-You will need to make it to the dimension that I will post at the bottom of this segment for each style of stubby holder
-All designs will need a 3mm bleed around the edges
-You will need to choose the pantone colours you use and list them all for us so we get the colours right
-The flat packs and zipper stubby’s will need to be in a certain layout which I will post below.
-The format we will need the artwork supplied in is .ai or if it contains photos you can supply it in a high-res printable .pdf

If you don’t understand any of this it is probably best to let us do it for you

Dimensions required are:

Standard Neoprene and Double stitched Stubby

Width: 210mm
Height: 110mm
Printable Area: 190mm x 90mm

Bottomless Stubby Holders

Width: 210mm
Height: 105mm
Printable Area: 180mm x 85mm

Velcro Stubby Holder

Width: 210mm
Height: 105mm
Printable Area: 165mm x 85mm

Mouse Pads 

Width: 235mm  x   Height: 195mm

Zipper Stubby Holder

Width: 200mm
Height: 185mm
Printable Area
Zip side: 80mm x 60mm
Back side: 80mm x 95mm

They need to be setup like below

Zipper Stubby Holder

Flat Pack Stubby Holder

Width: 95mm each side
Height: 105mm
Printable Area: 75mm x 85mm each side

They need to be set out like below.

Flat Pack Stubby Holder

Any questions please ask HERE

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